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Can you feel it? A heightened awareness, a shimmering sense of awakening. As the soft ocean breeze strokes your skin and ivory sands caress your toes, you feel more alive than ever. Incredible artworks unfold across the landscape, taking you on an inspiring journey of discovery. Seemingly ordinary moments set the stage for transformation, opening the door to new perspectives and everlasting memories.

In this paradise of abundance, amid lush coconut palms and sparkling waters, everything makes perfect sense. The joy of our island emerges from within, from its inherent nature, spreading its wings each day. Let your joy, too, take flight in this magical realm.

The Story of Joali

Hidden away in the northern reaches of the Maldives, JOALI is situated on Muravandhoo Island in the Raa Atoll, one of the largest and deepest in the world. The English word “atoll” comes from atholhu – a Dhivehi term used by early geographers to describe the region’s distinctive ring-shaped coral reefs, wrapped around tranquil lagoons.

Our art-immersive island resort is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, fringed by pearly beaches and surrounded by brilliant blue waters that boast vibrant marine life. We invite you to discover one of the most beautiful places on earth, resplendent with nature’s treasures.

Where is Joali?

Spectacular views await you at JOALI, whichever way you decide to travel. There are three ways to reach our isle of indulgence.

Option I - Shared Seaplane
A 40-minute seaplane flight takes you straight from Male Airport to Muravandhoo Island. Refresh and relax at our private airport lounge before your seaplane flight. Pre-arranged transfers also enjoy a special greeting in signature JOALI style.

Option II - Shared Domestic Flight
A 35-minute flight takes you from Male Airport to Ifuru Airport, located in the Raa Atoll. Then, hop aboard for an exciting 15-minute speedboat ride to Muravandhoo Island.

Option III - Private Seaplane Charter
Let a private seaplane whisk you away to our magical island resort. Please contact the reservations team for more information.

Please keep in mind that:

- Seaplane transfers are available only during daylight hours.
- Domestic flights are available for night arrival, after 3 pm local time.

The Way to Joali

The Maldives is the collective name for 1,190 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Some are inhabited, while others are used largely for tourism and agriculture. Our host island of Muravandhoo is bordered by dreamy white beaches, a lush land of bountiful coconut palms and turquoise lagoons, brimming with exquisite marine life waiting to be discovered.

Nature's bounty

The Maldives is a unique place with a fragile ecosystem. From the tiniest sea creature to tallest palm tree, each living thing plays a vital role in the replenishing experience created by these islands. Our resort was constructed keeping in mind the conservation of the natural environment as much as possible. Over a thousand trees were preserved, and they continue to share their abundant gifts with us each day.

After the devastating coral bleaching event of 2016, which saw up to 85 percent of the reefs in the Maldives die out, we have a responsibility to help these precious ecosystems rehabilitate and recover. At JOALI, we do this through our Reef Restoration Programme. By using the two-step gardening concept, we grow corals of opportunity in a mid-water nursery for 9-12 months before planting them back on the reef. Our efforts are focused on increasing corals that show resilience to heat, the driver of coral bleaching, and ensuring healthy genetic diversity.

Caring For The Environment
Joali Maldives