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Vandhoo Restaurant offers a specially designed dining experience encompassing South East Asian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Levant cuisines. Special theme dinners, unmatched breakfast spreads, and art immersive experiential dining choices are just a few of the selections available at Vandhoo. A lavish range of hand-picked wines from across the world awaits wine enthusiasts in our top of the line wine cellar.


Her Kitchen is a personalized culinary experience for you to learn and enjoy delicious meals. With Her Kitchen, you can cook local recipes with experienced chefs and experience the joy of cooking without the failed recipe attempts right the luxurious surroundings of a professional restaurant kitchen. If you have been secretly vying to become a master of the grills and stoves, here's your chance!

Her Kitchen

World-renowned restaurant architect Noriyoshi Muramatsu designed this distinctly Japanese restaurant. Its lounge offers the most incredible views making it perfect for private brunches and weddings. This floating haven of delectable food serves select sakes, sushi, and teppanyaki/Katatsu seating options for the iron-griddle enthusiasts.

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Those who seek this pearl from the Mediterranean shall find an Italian fine dining experience that offers a piece of Italy right here in the Maldives. From a bar dedicated to making those perfect peachy Bellinis to homemade limoncellos, to a menu carefully crafted by Michelin-star Chef Theodor Falser, all the jewels of Italy are here for your enjoyment.

The absolute best elegant cuisine, a world of Italian flavors, a luxury foodie experience – the key ingredients to the most memorable meal yet.

About Theodor Falser

Chef Theodor Falser is a 6th generation wine farmer and a very experienced chef. With a very successful culinary history, he is highly enthusiastic in offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience, using ingredients, such as wild herbs and regional products. Each dish has its own soul and his favourite culinary story to share involves creating a combination with exclusive Italian wine and herbs. In the constant search of eliciting emotion and arousing curiosity, his career has taken him on an interesting journey, from South Tyrol to Switzerland, to Oman, Dubai, Ecuador and back to Italy.

“I want to bring the “Italianita” flavors to Maldives, using as much as possible, only the finest local ingredients'

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TUH'U as a word comes from one of the world’s oldest recipes found in Mesopotamian region dating back to 3000bc and is today modern Western Asia as parts of Irak, Syria and Turkey. Incredibly all of the ingredients used in this recipe are the same today, The authentic taste of this ancient dish will reveal a wonderful explosion of flavours. It is an inspiring experience which will take you on a savory journey back in time and fuel your passion to discover more.


The Mura Bar overlooks a pearly beach and pool that meets the sea creating infinite sparkling shades of blue. The cabanas and infinity pods offer enough space for everyone to relax and its menu offers scrumptious snacks such as street food that hit the spot. The Mura Bar also hosts surprise event nights such as sunset rituals and live performances.

Mura Bar

Our artisanal chocolate and ice-cream store is here for you and the kids to satiate all your sweet cravings. Whether you prefer the refreshing taste of fruits, the savory taste of bitter chocolate or the sweet taste of vanilla the Joali Chocolate and Ice Cream Store offers the perfect dessert spot for your island experience.


Imagine being able to have the amenities and cuisine of a restaurant in the comfort of your room. Destination dining offers the option to have delectable, professionally made dishes on the nights you would rather stay in. With our barbeque and dinner catering can have a memorable culinary experience with your guests or your special someone without lifting a finger.

Destination Dining
Joali Maldives